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STOP Privativation Rally @ the US Embassy

Solidarity To Oppose Privatization


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ABOUT STOP Privatization
Specific Calls

OPPOSE and expose any attempt to sell or privatize the nation’s patrimony and state assets, especially through the grand design of charter MWSS employees calling on the Philippine Senate to stop the privatization of the water agency
change, and pertinent laws, executive orders and proposed bills in the Philippine Congress;

OPPOSE and expose all forms and schemes of privatization that include commercialization, concessions, corporatization, lease contracts, management contracts, service agreements, joint ventures, build-operate-transfer (BOT), rehabilitate-operate-transfer (ROT), and others;

OPPOSE and expose all international agreements; government foreign loans; and foreign investment that impose preconditions of privatization;

INVESTIGATE and expose bribery, corruption and cronyism committed by top officials of the government, MNCs, local big businesses and other agents;

EXPOSE all local agents including opportunist politicians, NGO bureaucrats and union leaders paying lip service in opposing privatization but are actually agents of the IMF-WB, ADB, MNCs and of the government to promote the idea of privatization via "safety nets" and "transparency".

OPPOSE all designs of deception on "employees welfare and benefits that actually facilitate contractualization and lay-off of government employees and workers. more


Specific Calls


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STOP Privatization
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