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Protest Vs. Privatization
"Filipino-American Friendship Day"

July 4/2000

THE downpour of heavy rains did not stop the members of the alliance called STOP Privatization from holding their protest rally today in front of the US Embassy Building along Roxas Boulevard, coinciding with the occasion of ‘Fil-Am Friendship Day’.

The rallyists stressed that they are taking the occasion to emphasize their position against privatization and other impositions by the US who represents the interests of foreign monopolies or big businesses.

Privatization is the transfer and sale of public enterprises, utilities and services to private owners/businesses. So far, PAL, PETRON and the MWSS were among the biggest corporations that were privatized by the government.

STOP alleges the Estrada administration is bent on auctioning Napocor, NFA, Postal, LRT and Customs. State run hospitals, colleges and universities, markets, ports are also on the chopping board using the modernization or commercialization jargon.

Privatization is a pre-condition from the IMF-WB, ADB and other foreign financial institutions for new loan packages. A combined $475 million from the ADB awaits the government once Napocor and NFA are privatized. No privatization, no loans.

"The people are already burdened by the worsening economic crisis, but the government by its policy to privatize corporations delivering vital public services shall only further their destitution", Santi Dasmarinas, STOP PRIVATIZATION Spokesperson said during the rally. "The spate of oil price hikes and the week-long water service interruptions could attest to our claim that only the foreign monopolies and local big businesses are benefiting from privatization.

Meanwhile, the public employees shall be laid-off by the thousands". Leaders from the health sector also confirmed that the kidney, lungs, heart or the ‘bopis’ hospital and the PCMC and East Avenue hospital are being integrated into one corporation in preparation for its eventual privatization.

"Worldwide, the people are already aware of the ill effects of privatization. Work stoppages, nationwide strikes etc. are being stage even in the U.S. There is no reason for us not to intensify and broaden our struggle against privatization".

STOP PRIVATIZATION groups together COURAGE, Alliance of Health Workers (AHW), Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), Pinag-isang Lakas ng Manggawa ng METRO-Light Rail Transit (PIGLAS-LRT), Coalition Against Port Privatization & Executive Order # 59 (KOLAPS EO 59), Nagkakaisang Kabataan Para sa Bayan (AnakBayan), Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (KADAMAY), Coalition of Farmers, Organizations, Unions & Retailers (C-FOUR), PhilPost Rank & File Employees Association (PRAFEA) and members of regional chapters of the NAPOCOR Employees & Workers Union (NEWU). #

Issues & Concerns

No to Restructuring!
Stop NAPOCOR Privatization!

No to GSDP!
Stop NFA Privatization!

Junk the Postal Service
Act of 1992!
Stop Philpost Privatization!

No to Integration & Corporatization!
Stop the Privatization of Government Hospitals!

Scrap Executive Order # 59!
Stop the Privatization of Ports!

Stop the Privatization of
Water Districts!

Stop the Privatization of the Light Rail Transit (LRT)!

No to Privatization of State Colleges & Universities!
Stop the Commercialization of Philippine Education!

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STOP Privatization
c/o COURAGE Office, 9-A, K-F Street, Kamuning,
Quezon City, Philippines
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